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Cracked windshield
Crack Repair

Windshield Repair; Why You May Need More

A simple problem like a crack in a car’s windshield can eventually develop into something worse if left unchecked. People often assume that they can simply get this problem fixed by getting the windshield repaired.

However, there are times when repairs are not effective. Here is a look at some of the situations in which simply getting the car windshield is not enough:

There Is Too Much Dirt In The Crack

The people who offer auto glass repairs use resin in order to fix the cracks in your windshield. This material is ineffective in case there is too much dust or dirt present in the cracks of the windshield.

The dust particles prevent resin from properly bonding with the windshield. It is not just the dust or dirt that can cause this problem. Moisture too can prevent resin from bonding with the windshield.

The Resin Did Not Harden

When you get your windshield repaired, it is best to avoid driving your car for some time. This is especially important in case the weather conditions are too harsh.

In areas where the temperature is too cold, it takes longer for resin to harden. Driving the car in the rain might undo all the repair work that has been done to the windshield.

The Windshield Had Not Been Properly Repaired

Sometimes the problem with your car’s windshield might be a lot more complex than you think. The person you go to for getting the car’s windshield fixed might not have the knowledge or the experience required to fix the problem.

They might not properly fix the cracks and because of that, the problem might only get worse.

A professional can let you know if you need to replace the windshield or get it replaced. Some of the factors that they consider include:

What Is The Size Of The Crack?

Usually it is easier to repair cracks in your windshield, which are smaller than three inches. It is preferable that you get your windshield replaced in case the size of the cracks in the windshield exceeds three inches.

How Deeply Has The Crack Penetrated The Windshield

Another factor that these people consider is the depth of the crack in the windshield. Your car’s windshield consists of multiple layers, which include:

  • An outer layer of glass
  • Plastics layer
  • Internal layer of glass

If the crack has penetrated the internal layer of the glass, it is best to get the windshield replaced.

A professional can help you make the right decision. Get in touch with us. We offer auto glass replacement services in San Antonio. People who find it hard to take out the time from their busy schedules can opt for our mobile windshield repair services.

Our team members can determine if you need glass repair or replacement. You can contact us at 210-793-7115.

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