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Windshield Chips: The What, Why, And When Of Repairs

You were cruising down the road one fine evening, right behind a truck that was stacked with gravel—probably on its way to a construction site—when thud! A large quantity of it fell on the face of your windshield, resulting in a huge, ugly crack, along with several tiny chips. This was just one example of possible windshield cracks, but there are hundreds of other incidents that can have similar consequences; for example, road accidents, and even metal debris. So what now? How do you go about managing this scenario? Not doing anything will lead to seasonal temperature changes making it worse over time, while also making it dangerous to drive. Let’s look at why this is.

The Dangers of Cracked or Chipped Windshields

Along with affecting the clarity of the glass and restricting your view of the road, here are some other, unseen dangers of letting windshield cracks and chips go unattended: Increased chances of injuries from rollover accidents—since cracked or chipped glass is weaker than solid glass, it is more likely to collapse on intense impact, such as in the event of a rollover accident, causing serious injuries. Increased risk of injuries from front-collision—Windshields are designed to transfer force resulting from a frontal collision down toward the chassis. A weakened windshield will instead collapse, resulting in injuries. Hampered airbag deployment—Upon collision, the windshield acts as a backdrop that directs the airbag to inflate toward the occupant of the vehicle. When the windshield is damaged, it can result in ineffective deployment of the airbags, leading to possibly serious injuries—and even death.

To Repair or To Replace?

In the past, without modern advancements in auto glass material and repair technologies, people would have had to opt to get their glass replaced in all instances of damage—big and small. Luckily, repairs are a lot more versatile now. A skilled technician will be able to properly analyze the depth, severity, and extent of the damage, and will prescribe either repairs or a replacement.

Where to Get a Windshield Fixed in San Antonio?

If you’ve managed to bust your auto glass in San Antonio, Texas, and are looking for a windshield repair and windshield replacement company in the area, why don’t you give our team at Auto Glass in San Antonio a call? We’re open seven days a week for appointments to make sure you don’t have to drive a day with damaged glass. Call us up at 210-793-7115, or reach us via email at  

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