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Windshield Replacement

Why DIY Windshield Replacement Is a Bad Idea

Your vehicle’s windshield is one of its primary safety features. It provides an unobstructed view of the road so that the driver and passengers are safe. It also protects those inside the vehicle from the wind and rain, as well as the debris and pebbles that get launched in the air. Windshields also tend to be the number one insurance claim across the country. 30% of vehicle damage is reported for windshields. Any issues with your vehicle’s windscreen can make driving uncomfortable and even dangerous. Despite the importance of windshields, some people take on windshield replacement as a DIY task. If you’re planning on trying your hand at replacing your own windshield, here are some reasons why it’s not the best move:

At-home windshield kits are typically used incorrectly

DIY windshield repair kits are developed to help vehicle owners deal with chips and cracks in their windscreens until they can seek help from a professional. Epoxy is the main component of this kit. It’s designed to bond the cracks and chips for a seamless finish. However, the windscreen can never be fully restored. You need to apply the right amount of mixture for it to work. Some may use the wrong resin for this job, which warps the glass and affects visibility too. This will only extend the damage that a professional will eventually have to fix.

Lack of expertise

Auto glass replacement is no joke. There are multiple steps to installing the glass correctly, which takes many years to perfect. Your lack of expertise will only result in a faulty installation. Faulty auto glass installation is also a safety hazard. The smallest bump in the road can cause it to shatter or crack. Windshields have to be fit to perfection and sealed in place, which is impossible to achieve without professional training or experience.

Low stability  

Faulty installation of the glass impacts the stability of the car negatively. With DIY installation, your vehicle won’t be able to take on the pressure exerted once the vehicle is in motion. The roof may also collapse as a result of reduced stability.

Lack of tools and equipment

                    Windshield replacement requires many tools, products, and equipment. Unless you’re a professional, you won’t have access to such tools to replace your windscreen. Any excess pressure exerted during the replacement process on the glass can cause it to shatter. Windscreens are also heavy, so trying to do it on your own is a safety hazard. SA Auto Glass provides a convenient and affordable service for windshield replacement . Our technicians have worked in the industry for many years and provide quick and seamless replacement services. We also provide windshield repair in San Antonio 24/7 for your convenience. Call (210)793-7115  to book a service or for any additional questions you may have.    

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