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Why ADAS Calibration Is Important

If you’ve ever been in a car accident and your windshield took most of the energy from the impact, you might be familiar with windshield replacements. When you get your back with the new windshield, everything might seem okay on the surface, but it’s not until you see the ADAS systems in action that you truly know the replacement was successful. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are part of the windsheld and include safety features like Blind Spot Monitor, Collision Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Advance Traffic Alert Systems. And since ADAS is to be found in almost 40 percent of all vehicles on the roads, as predicted by the auto repair industry, it’s time auto repair companies start training their crew on ADAS calibration.

Why Is Post-Repair ADAS Calibration Important?

Depending on the intensity of an accident, many components of the car might be replaced or repaired including the windows, windshield, side mirrors, back mirrors, rear screen, the headlights, tail lights, and even the indicator lights. But most repair shops forgo the most important part of car repairs; ADAS calibration. An auto glass and windshield repair shop must have the right equipment, tools, advanced technology to be able to calibrate the electronic systems post repairs.

Alignment Affects Accuracy

                                                                                                Even the smallest misalignments in the camera, radar system, or ultra sound system can have a huge impact on the performance and accuracy of ADAS. Auto repair technicians must do their homework on the impacts of certain repairs on other advanced electronic systems of the car. Repair Procedures Must Be Based on Guidelines Provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) To ensure the accuracy and safety of repairs, OEM provided guidelines should be followed. The original equipment manufacturer will always have the most legitimate knowledge of each advance driver’s assistance system in the car. This is particularly important when dealing with advanced protection systems such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), airbags, and antilock brakes. Proper functioning of the ADAS as intended by OEMs is critical to the safety of drivers, passengers, and other drivers on the road. ADAS CALIBRATION SERVICES BY SA AUTO Glass SA Auto Glass ensures top-quality ADAS calibration across all auto glass and windshield repair San Antonio. For a free quote or more information about our services, call us at (210)793-7115!  

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