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Cracked windshield
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What You Need To Do In Case You Have A Shattered Windshield

A broken windshield is a serious issue. It can be quite dangerous for the driver especially if this problem occurs in the middle of the road while you are driving.

According to statistics, 37000 people die in car crashes every year in the United States. Problems with the windshield are just one reason why these accidents occur.

Car’s Windshield Shatters While Driving

Automobile windshields are quite resistant to minor physical impacts. This is because windshields are made of three layers. However, tiny pieces of gravel can lead to micro-fractures and dents, which compromise the structural integrity of the entire windscreen.

The problem can be exacerbated by temperature changes in the atmosphere that make the weak points of the windshield crack up. Some of the things that you can do in case the windshield shatters while driving include:

  • Pull over your car to the side. Make sure that you do not hit the brakes suddenly since the driver of the car behind you might not react quickly enough. This can result in a crash. Gradually reduce your speed and indicate that you are making a turn.
  • Contact the legal authorities in case the windshield shattered because someone threw something at the car.
  • If only one section of the windshield is damaged, do not try to remove the remaining part of the windshield.
  • You do not need to worry about cutting yourself because modern automobile glass does not shatter into shards with sharp edges that could cut you. Instead, they crumble into tiny pieces that are relatively safe to handle. However, these pieces could still hurt you if your car is moving at a high speed.
  • Wear glasses while you are driving your to the repair shop in order to prevent stray pieces of glass from entering your eyes.
  • Make sure you wrap a piece of cloth around your hand in order to avoid getting hurt while you remove glass.

Do Not Take Minor Cracks Lightly


Minor cracks should be taken care of as early as possible. Professional windshield repair companies can apply a small amount of transparent epoxy to repair minor cracks before they worsen.

Failure to tend to minor flaws in your car’s windshield can ultimately affect the entire structures of it and you will have to get it replaced.

Drivers must always remember to take small cracks in windshields seriously and avoid delaying getting it fixed. It is always a good idea to turn toward a well-established automobile windshield company for help.

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