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Crack Repair

What To Do When Your Windscreen Cracks While Driving?

Your windshield is your only view of the road. What happens when it breaks? Whether it’s just a spidering crack on your screen or an aftermath of a collision, stay calm and take these steps to remain safe on the road.

What should be your immediate response?

If you’ve just been in a collision, or cracked your windshield, slow down your speed and make your way to the side of the road. Avoid braking suddenly, when driving at a high speed. The jolt caused by braking can further damage the glass. If your vision is completely obscured by cracks, and you can’t drive towards a safe spot, push out the windshield with gloved hands. Make sure you’re using right amount of force. Once you’ve spotted a safe location, park your car. Turn on the hazard lights to let other drivers know that there is a problem with your car. Once you are in a safe zone, call a mobile auto repair company. Wait for the professionals to come and find you. Avoid tampering with the glass. If shards of glass have projectile in your, avoid sitting in the front. Stand outside and wait for the help to arrive.

Can I drive with damaged windshield?

Driving around with damaged windshield is not only dangerous, but illegal as well. Inspect the extent of damage and usability of the glass, and then think about driving. If the glass is chipped and not obstructing driver’s view, then the car can be used. However, the chipping should be in limited area and small in nature. A chipped glass can easily turn into a full crack. If you suspect that the strength and durability of the glass’s structure has been compromised avoid driving the car. Cracks can obstruct vision and distort driver’s view. Cracks also amplify light and cause glaring effect. It’s better not to take the risk of driving. Shattered windshield is extremely unsafe and dangerous. It’s also illegal to drive around with such damage. Get immediate help from a professional windshield repair service and only then use the car. Lastly, stay calm in such situations. Make safety your first priority and avoid performing DIYs. And wait for a professional auto glass repair service. Auto Glass in San Antonio can perform all type of windshield repair services. We also offer mobile windshield repair services. Our experienced technicians visit your place and fix the problems on spot. We also offer guarantees on all of our services therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. Call (210) 793-7115 now to avail are quick and cost-effective services.

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