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Windshield Replacement

Ways to Care for Your Newly Replaced Windshield

A windshield is an integral part of a vehicle. It protects your car from damage through debris and foreign particles, maximizes visibility, and protects the driver from harm. It provides structural support to your vehicle, and a crack or chip can result in some serious damages and injuries. If you’ve recently got your windshield replaces, you’ll have to take care of it and minimize the chances of further damage. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

Don’t Drive Immediately.

Windshield replacement requires an adhesive that holds together the glass to vehicle connection by creating a waterproof shield. You need to give the adhesive appropriate time to set and dry. It may take some urethanes up to 24 hours to dry depending on temperature conditions, humidity, glass quality and more. Wait at least an hour after your windshield has been installed to drive to ensure the adhesive has dried and there are no gaps between the glass and frame.

Don’t Remove Retention Tape.

Most repair facilities employ the usage of tape for fixing a windshield in a car. The retention tape may look unattractive, but trust us—you don’t want to remove it. If you remove the tape, there’s a high chance that dirt, dust, foreign particles and other debris will get stuck in the adhesive. This will weaken the connection, making the replacement of your windshield redundant. You can take the tape off 24 hours later but remain cautious.  

Avoid Car Washes

When your windshield has been newly replaced, it’s sensitive. The pressure of the car wash can easily displace the new moldings. Try to resist the temptation of getting your car washed for the first two days to ensure that the molding has been dried and set in place properly. If your car is really dirty and badly needs a wash—avoid high-pressure washing, and opt for a hand wash. If your car’s windshield has a crack that you can’t seem to fix, visit us at Auto Glass in San Antonio. We specialize in windshield repair and auto glass repair and replacement. With three decades of experience, we have several happy customers’ testimonials and the most trusted team of expert professionals in all of San Antonio. Contact us at (210)793-7115 or email us at, and our team will be happy to be of service.  

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