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Types of Auto Glass—And Their Safety Benefits

Most of us don’t even think about auto glass until it needs to be replaced. And for good reason: glass is meant to be looked through—not at. However, when you’re thinking of getting a replacement installed, it’s a good idea to look at the types of auto glass available and then choose one that suits your needs. Auto glass can be broadly divided into two categories—laminated glass and tempered glass. We’ll start by examining the differences between them, followed by a quick overview of commonly added features that customers look for in auto glass.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a robust variety of glass that is made by fusing a thin layer of PVB plastic between two sheets of curved glass. Laminated glass dates back to the 1920s, and only minute process improvements have been occurred since then. Laminated glass windshields contribute up to 60 percent of the structural integrity of the vehicle in the event that it rolls over. This means that they act as very solid barriers between the motorist and the oncoming object during a collision. Moreover, they prevent cars from buckling during a crash, which could crush the person inside.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is also quite durable, and is used in car doors, rear windshields, and sunroofs. This is just one layer of glass that is made stronger by rapid heating and cooling it. These windows are designed to shatter into small pebble-like pieces instead of sharp shards. These pieces can be dusted off without injury to exposed skin. The rear windshield glass also has thermal lines running across it that allow drivers to have clear windows even in case of extreme temperatures.

Additional features

While standard auto glass is designed for safety, there are features that you could add to increase functionality. For example, many motorists look for tinted glass to prevent the car from heating up. In the state of Texas, back door windows can be tinted to any shade, while front door windows must allow more than 25 percent of light in. Windshields can also be tinted to a certain depth. The strength of the glass also counts as an upgrade. All states have minimum glass strength standards, but you can choose higher quality glass based on your preferences and budget.

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