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Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windshield

Windshields play an important role in your vehicle and need to be taken care of. However, no matter how well-maintained and clean you keep your car, one day you might have to replace your windshield to avoid any serious damage. Here are some things you should consider before you do so.

Check Insurance Policies

Most car insurance policies cover the cost of your windshield, but it’s best to check if yours does or not. If your windshield is included in your insurance, you can save quite a lot of money.

Glass Quality

Just like everything else in the market, not all glass types are the same, which is why it’s very important to select your auto glass carefully. It’s not something you can replace every other day. Cheap glass won’t match (OEM) specifications either and may cause many other problems. Make sure you take this into account before buying auto glass.  Ideally, you should choose glass that meets federal safety standards. Similarly, superior adhesives are also a better choice in terms of safety.

Manufacturer Guidelines

You should understand that there’s a reason why the manufacturer of every car gives certain instructions and guidelines about the windshield. Your car’s ability to deal with temperature, the drive-away time, and many other factors have an impact. Hence, it’s important to ensure that you are replacing your existing windshield with the same quality of windshield that the manufacturer has recommended.

Certifications and License

It’s also very important to check the licenses of your auto glass service provider. Make sure that they are authorized for this job and understand the traffic laws. Getting your services from unlicensed service providers can also put you in trouble. In case of damages, you won’t be able to claim anything either. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty, which makes them stand out from the other service providers. If you notice any issues with your windshield and wish to get it checked or replaced, then reach out to us. Our expert technicians from Auto Glass in San Antonio provide premium quality windshield replacement and repair services. We assure you that we will take care of all your windshield needs and keep it neater and cleaner than ever before. We have years of experience in providing car windshield repair and replacement services. We ensure that we use advanced tools powered by cutting-edge technology in San Antonio, Texas. Get a quick quote here.  

Payment Disclosure

Cash, insurance referrals, and all major Debit & Credit Cards accepted for payment. NO personal checks, NO money orders, or NO cashier cheques accepted.