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Signs You Need to Replace Your Windshield

The windshield is an important part of your vehicle and must be kept clean and maintained. Any problems with your windshield can have serious consequences. A poor windshield not only affects the appearance of your vehicle but also increases the risk of getting into an accident. This blog post will highlight some common signs that you need to replace your windshield.

Blurred View

If you’re having difficulty viewing what’s ahead of you on the road, you should immediately get your windshield replaced. In some cases, getting it properly cleaned can also help, but eventually, you’ll need a replacement.

Check Your Inspection Sticker

In most states, windshields have an inspection sticker, and authorities give you a renewal date. If you have an inspection coming up, then make sure you take care of all the scratches and cracks on your windshield. If you’re afraid that it’s gotten really bad, then it’s better to replace it before the inspection team finds you.


Do you travel too often on the highway? If yes, then you might notice pitting on your windshield. Tiny rocks, dust, and gravel keep hitting your windshield and damage it. They might not be visible easily but become apparent when under sunlight. Pits not only affect the shine of your windshield but also affect your view and put you and others at risk. Get rid of them at the earliest and replace your windshield.

The Edges are Turning White

When being manufactured, your windshields are treated with PVB to prevent them from shattering when your car is hit. When accidents occur, windshields break into rounded pieces to minimize injury. However, a white haze on your edges indicates that PVB is coming off the glass and hence needs to be replaced immediately.

Pieces are Missing

The purpose of your windshields is to keep you safe from dust, wind, bugs, and many other things while you’re driving. Any missing parts from your windshield defeat this purpose and, unfortunately, can’t be fixed. If any part of your windshield is missing, you must replace the entire windshield.   Reach out to the expert technicians from Auto Glass in San Antonio. We are always available to repair your car’s windshield and take care of it. We deliver promising car rear windshield replacement using tools powered by cutting-edge technology in San Antonio, Texas. Get a quick quote here.

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