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Protecting Your Car Windshield During Hail Season in San Antonio

Severe weather brings with it a myriad of damaging impacts for homes and vehicles, both. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, hail is the worse with San Antonio area reporting damages of over $1.4 billion in 2016 alone. Hail combined with wind can pelt the cars with baseball-sized chunks of ice that can rack up quite a lot of damage. An uncovered car can be covered with dozens of dents with repairs costing around $30 to $80 per dent. Not to mention the windshield damage that can cost car owners thousands of dollars. Here are some simple risks to protect your car from serious damage during hailstorms:
  • Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts
If you live in an area that’s prone to frequent bad weather, you should keep an eye on weather forecasts. If you park in an open area, you might want to be aware of any upcoming hailstorms. Try setting up weather alerts on your phone to be informed beforehand. This will give you plenty of time to set up a safe place for your car.
  • Avoid Driving with Bad Weather
The best way to protect your car and windshield from damage during hailstorms is to park it somewhere safe and avoid driving unless necessary. Driving during hail even if it’s not too severe can be extremely damaging on the windows and windshield. Due to the speed of driving and the wind factor, hail can crack or chip the windshield.  
  • Cover Your Vehicle
In case you park in an open area you might want to find some cover for your car during a hailstorm. Utilize covered parking lots in your area or paid parking garages. They might cost a little but it’s far less than the cost of repair in case your car windshield gets damaged However, if you are unable to find any covered parking, the best solution is to find a padded cover for your car. You can get hail protecting covers in auto accessory shops or online. You can also use heavy blankets and secure them in place with ropes. You can also use heavy rugs or towels to cover the windows of your car at short notice.

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