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Just Got Your Driver’s License? Here Are Some Safe Driving Guidelines

Learning how to drive and getting a driver’s license are significant milestones in a person’s life. And while we understand the desire to take the car out and put your newfound skills to the test, there are some basic guidelines that every new driver should bear in mind. Knowing these guidelines will give the confidence you need to hone your skills. Here’s a list of driving guidelines that every driver should be aware of:

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Wearing a seat belt is a legal requirement in most states. Although most cars now have an alarm to signal if we haven’t worn one, it’s still a good idea to strap yourself in as soon as you get in the car.

Adjust Everything Before You Start Driving

Get in the habit of adjusting your side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and your seat before driving. Doing this beforehand prevents distraction while driving and gives you the chance to get comfortable.

Always Drive on the Right Side of the Road

While most experienced drivers don’t struggle to remember this, new drivers tend to forget which lane they should be in. It can take some time to get the hang of it, but the rule of thumb is to always drive on your right side.

Solid Yellow/White Lines Cannot Be Crossed

Solid lines, either white or yellow, cannot be crossed unless necessary. Breaking this rule poses a safety hazard to not just you, but also to oncoming traffic.

Hashed Yellow/White Lines may be Crossed with Care

Hashed lines can be crossed whenever needed.  However, you should be careful not to cross them needlessly and pay attention to oncoming traffic while doing so.

Always Give Way to Pedestrians

Pedestrians always have the right of way. Ensure that you’re always driving attentively, so you’re aware of everything that’s happens on the road. As soon as a pedestrian attempts to cross the road, you are required to stop and let them pass

Signal Your Maneuver

Use your indicators every time you need to make a turn. You must signal the driver behind you about your next maneuver to avoid any confusion.

Slowest on the Right

If all lanes are going in the same direction, the rightmost lane is for the slowest cars. If you wish to overtake a vehicle, change your lane to the left to carefully pass the other cars.   You don’t have to be a careless driver to get into a road accident. But if you do happen to be in one, the auto repair technicians such as Auto Glass in SA are ready to get your car back in top condition. Contact them to get a free quote and keep your repair expenses within budget!

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