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How to Protect Your Car from Heating Up in the Summer

A man named Juan Rodriguez was charged with manslaughter after he forgot his one-year-old twins in the car on a hot summer day. The twins died from heat and suffocation soon after their father left the car. Such accidents are not unimaginable. Parents often forget or leave their kids in a car when running errands. In 2018, according to the National Safety Council, 52 children needlessly died in hot, sweltering cars because their caregivers or parents had forgotten to take them out. Accidents like these can be avoided. We can tell you how to keep your car cool in the summer, but we can’t tell you how not to forget your child in the car. The following are some car tips you can use to keep your cars cool:

Park in the Shade

Even if you’re getting out of the car for a bit—or an extended period of time—always try to park your car in a shaded area. This not only keeps your car cool, but also prevents objects in your car melting due to the intense heat. Regardless of whether you have to walk a few extra miles, you’ll be happy to come back to a cool car and have a nice drive ahead.

Keep the Windows Cracked Open

Ventilation is important if you want your car to be cool whenever you park it. Leaving the windows slightly cracked open prevents the car from getting stuffy. But you will also have to be careful when keeping your windows open; you shouldn’t roll them down completely. Check if your arm fits through the crack. If it does, roll them up till it can’t.  

Install a Solar Powered Fan

You can make the most of outside ventilation with a solar powered fan. These fans remove hot air from your car and maintain constant air circulation.

Sun Shades For Windshields

The main culprit for a hot and sweltering car is sunlight shining in through the windshields and windows. Installing sun shades on your windshield is one of the many ways through which you can prevent the sunlight from heating up your car. Extreme temperatures can damage your car and may also crack your windshield. Auto Glass San Antonio offers a 24/7 windshield repair and replacement services. Get in touch with us to know more about our windshield services in San Antonio!

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