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How to Maintain Your Car’s Windshield to Increase Its Lifespan?

Have you recently gotten your windshield repaired? Are you concerned about your windshield’s durability? As your windshield is one of the most integral parts of your vehicle’s structure, it should be maintained and repaired just like your car’s engine. It provides safety in case of collisions by absorbing a significant amount of the impact. Here’s how you can maintain your car’s windshield to avoid an early replacement.

Find the Right Parking Spot

You should be wary of your car parking location so that it is not directly under the sun. The heat can expand the adhesive lining under the windshield causing it to loosen up. This dramatically reduces the life of your windshield.

Repair A Minor Crack Immediately

Minor cracks on your windshield should be repaired as soon as possible. To ensure clear visibility through the glass and maintain its strength, you must opt for a professional auto glass repair shop as they have the quality equipment to cater to your windscreen.

Replace Damaged Wipers

You should inspect your wipers regularly and notice their movement. These are made up of rubber, which deteriorates over time, and the metal frame then comes in contact with the surface of the windshield. This forms streaks on it, reducing visibility. To avoid unnecessary repairs, you must change your wiper blades every 6-12-months.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Using the right kind of materials to clean your windshield can be a game-changer. Household products might leave behind streaks and scratches and can ruin its lamination, affeting the life of your windshield. Consider using good quality cleaning materials to increase the longevity of your windscreen’s clarity. Image: Cleaning-windshield Alt-text: Cleaning windshield with the correct cleaning supplies.  

Avoid Slamming Your Car’s Doors

When you have a habit of shutting your car’s doors aggressively, it causes the windshield to slightly loosen from rubber seals as it rattles. This could form small cracks, which leave your windshield more vulnerable to damage.

Seek Help from Professionals

If you want to get your windshield inspected for any signs of cracking, schedule an appointment with us. We offer affordable repairs for your windshield, and our 24-hour service in San Antonio can help you avail our services at your own convenience. Our auto glass workmanship has a lifetime warranty.  

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