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How to Defrost Your Windshield Without Causing Any Damage

Do you use an ice-scrapper to defrost your windshield? Or do you prefer throwing hot water? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many car owners have to deal with the frosty car windshields during chilly winters. But wrong defrosting methods can lead to significant damages and scratches on your windshield. Here are some ways to de-ice your windshields the right way!

1. Use Lukewarm Water

An icy car becomes a stressful sight, especially when you’ve to rush to the office. The common method to de-ice your car windshields is to use lukewarm water. Though it clears out the ice, this method is time-consuming. Also, car owners sometimes neglect the temperature and damage their windscreens with hot water. In that case, consult an auto glass specialist.

2. Make Your Alcohol Spray

Due to its low freezing point, alcohol is more effective in defrosting your car than lukewarm water. Make a mixture of about 70% concentration of isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Spray this directly on the frosted car’s windshield. The ice melts quickly and evenly. However, the repeated use of alcohol for defrosting might smear your windshield. Contact an auto glass specialist for expert tips and advice. You can also buy specialized de-icing sprays from them.

3. Turn the Car Heating Mode On

Most modern cars now come with a heating feature, which defrosts your vehicle automatically. Get inside your car and turn on its heating mode. The ice melts instantly and forms a mist. If there’s no heating feature, you can turn on the ignition engine. Its heat also melts the car’s frost. Be careful so you don’t overheat your car because that can result in auto glass damage. Contact SA Auto Glass mobile service if your vehicle doesn’t start afterward.  

4. Try Salt and Water Mixture

Salt and water mixture also proves to be an efficient method of de-icing your windshield. Apply this mixture on a frosted windshield and use a soft cloth to wipe the thawed ice. Don’t use a plastic scraper forcefully on the windscreen as it causes scratches. If your windshield has sustained damages, call SA Auto Glass professionals.

5. Prevent Your Windshields from Frosting

Instead of trying these hacks for defrosting, here are some ways to prevent icing on your windshields:
  • Cover your windscreens with cardboard(s) overnight;
  • Apply vinegar with a microfiber towel on the windshield as it prevents frosting;
  • Wrap your side mirrors with plastic bags;
  • Spread a clean, dry towel on your windscreen.
Following these prevention tips will save you from significant efforts and hassles of de-icing.

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