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Here’s What You Need to Know about Driving Safe in High Winds

Driving in high winds can be dangerous, even for experienced drivers. The immense pressure makes it difficult to control the car, which can result in road accidents. While driving in such conditions is difficult, you don’t have to change your plans and stay inside. Read through these tips to drive safe during high winds.

Drive Slow

You have greater control over your vehicle when driving slowly. It gives you more time to react if there’s a strong gust of wind. The impact of strong winds is much more deadly when your vehicle is going at a fast speed.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

While you should always be driving attentively, driving in high winds necessitates extra focus. Be aware of everything on and around the road—such as trees that could break away and fall on the road. Strong winds make it likely that debris will end up on the road, so you must be aware of all possible obstacles.

Give Vehicles Extra Space

Strong winds can misbalance and push a vehicle around. It’s a smart choice to give vehicles extra space on the road during such weather. Strong gusts of wind can alter their speed, resulting in a collision if you’re driving too close to them.

Maintain a Firm Grip

Grip your steering wheel tightly to not lose control. At times, the wind is too strong for you to control the car fully, but maintaining a firm grip on the wheel helps. It will prevent your car from swaying and will reduce the chances of a road accident.

Steer Gently

While you should grip the wheel tightly, don’t use too much force while steering your car. Side winds can be hazardous and forceful steering can have severe consequences in such weather. If you feel your car swaying to one side, gently but firmly, steer in the opposite direction to maintain control and direction.     During high winds, you should be a defensive driver. Being hyper-alert of your surroundings and reacting calmly to stressful situations is the need of the hour. If possible, try to postpone your trip until the winds settle or pick a day when the weather isn’t as challenging to drive in. Do ample research regarding feasible routes and pack accordingly in case you face a delay, which you likely will. Regardless of how carefully you drive, bad weather does end up damaging your car. But if you’re in San Antonio, TX, you don’t need to worry. The technicians at Auto Glass in SA are skilled in auto glass repair work and will have your car’s windshield looking clean in no time!

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