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Guide to Getting the Best Wipers for Your Car’s Windshield

Automobile wiper blades are important safety devices that enable drivers to deal with unfavorable weather elements like rain and snow. An unclean windshield is a real safety hazard that can lead to road accidents. Since automobile windshield wipers are not used all the time, many people forget just how important they are. Getting the finest wiper blades commercially available is always a good idea, even though they might cost you a little extra. Poor quality wiper blades are quite cheap, but they are not very durable. They may start falling apart quickly and pose a safety hazard due to their inferior performance. Low quality automobile wiper blades are not very effective at ensuring appropriate visibility levels. If you notice that your car’s wiper blades are degrading in quality, be sure to have them changed as soon as you can. Why Do Car Wiper Blades Degrade In Quality? Wiper blades, like all other manufactured products, have a certain lifespan. Since they are used in harsh conditions, they suffer abrasions. Sunlight, rainwater, and even certain windshield cleaning agents can adversely affect the quality of auto wiper blades and degrade their quality. If a wiper blade is severely damaged, the metallic or plastic arm underneath it will rub against the car’s windshield and scratch its surface. Therefore, it is necessary to check your car’s wiper blades regularly and ensure that they are in good working order. Don’t wait to replace them until streaks start appearing on your windshield. Timely replacement of your car’s wiper blades will ensure that your windshield stays scratch free.   Traditional Wiper Blades Vs. Beam Wiper Blades – Which Type Of Wiper Blade Should You Get? Most experts recommend that you use beam blades since they are superior to traditional wiper blades in many ways. A majority of traditional blades have a simple design consisting of a rubber blade that is temporarily fixed in a frame. They also have a metal supporting element that keeps the rubber in place. On the other hand, beam blades do not need an external frame. The rubber blade has a spring built into it that supports its structure. Beam blades apply a uniform amount of pressure on modern automobile windshields that have a slight curvature. In general, beam blades perform better than the conventional wiper blade types. They are more expensive than their conventional counterparts, but are more durable and last much longer.   Auto Glass in San Antonio  is a reliable provider of Auto Glass and Windshield Repair San Antonio. We can fix any kind of automobile windshield problem for a very reasonable fee. Call 210-793-7115, or email us at, to get avail our quality services.

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