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Foggy Windows: How to Deal with Them

Summers in San Antonio are long and humid. And when the temperatures rise to an unbearable extent, residents can’t survive without turning on the air conditioners in their cars—especially when driving long distances.   But car windows fog up due to temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the car. Depending on the weather, the windshield and windows contract moisture from outside or inside the car—depending on if you have turned your air conditioning system or heating system turned on.

Why Are My Car Windows Fogging Up During Summers?

When it’s humid outside and you’re blasting the air conditioner in your car, the windows become cooler than the outside atmosphere. When humid air touches the cool windows, the moisture content in the air cools down and manifests as fog.   To defog the windows during a summer day, set your air conditioner to its lowest setting and bear with the hot weather for a while. You might have to turn it off completely if the fog keeps appearing at intervals.   This will regulate the temperature inside your car and bring it as close to the outside temperature as possible—defogging your windows and windshield as a result.   After you’ve successfully cleared all the fog, you can enjoy a comfortable ride without any worry.  

Why Are My Car Windows Fogging Up During Winters?

The answer again lies in temperature differences. The glass fogs up from the inside when your heating system warms up the cool air in your car on a winter day. The condensed moisture can sit on the windows, making it hard for you to drive.   Moisture can’t condense on warm glass. Hence, if you’re trying to defog your windows on a winter day, you need to turn on the defroster which will pump warm and dry air on the glass. If you can, you should crack your windows open to push the humid air out of your car. Otherwise, your car has hidden vents that will do the job.   Driving around with fogged up windows can be dangerous and may lead to road accidents. This is not only harmful to you, but also for other drivers and pedestrians. It is also not possible for you to stop every few miles to wipe the fog away from your windows.   In addition to keeping a check on the weather and driving carefully, you should also be aware of when to not drive if you live in Texas. Auto Glass San Antonio offers 24/7 windshield repair services in San Antonio. Get in touch with us to know more about our profes

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