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Auto Glass Repair

Do You Need an Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

  There’s no direct answer when it comes to choosing between auto glass repair or auto windshield replacement. There are different factors and considerations which you must ponder over to make the right decision for yourself. Some of the basic factors that impact your decision are the volume of damage and the inability to drive. Further evaluation includes the size, depth, and area of damage.

What is the Ideal Solution for Broken Auto Glass?

Since it’s hard to decide which one is the better solution to fix your auto glass, here’s a guide for you.

Signs That It’s Better to Repair

  • Once you fix the damage and you’re certain it won’t cause any harm in case of an accident.
  • The auto glass crack isn’t larger than 12 inches, or the chip isn’t bigger than 1 inch.
  • There’s no further damage except to the outer layer of the auto glass.
  • The chip or crack is far away from the outer layer of the auto glass.

Signs That It’s Better to Replace

  • The auto glass is severely damaged and has made visibility almost null.
  • The auto glass crack is larger than 14 inches, or the chip is longer than 3 inches.
  • The damage supersedes the outer layer and has caused damage to the inner layer as well.
  • The chip or crack is near or crossed the outer layer of the auto glass.

Factors That Determine Auto Glass Repair Vs. Replacement


Broken auto glass damages the structural integrity of the car. Once a vehicle is involved in an accident, it doesn’t offer the same level of safety or protection to the passengers or driver.


Driving a vehicle with cracked, chipped, or broken auto glass can impair the visibility of the driver which is extremely dangerous and life-threatening. If the vision is unclear despite repairs, then the auto glass must be replaced.


Although advanced technology has made auto glass repairs quick and easier, there are still a few limitations to the volume of damage it can cover or fix. According to the statement given by National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), only a chip that’s up to 1 inch or a crack that’s smaller than 12 inches can be fixed with auto glass repairs. If you’re looking for a reliable auto glass repair or auto windshield replacement service provider in San Antonio, we’ve got you covered! Auto Glass in San Antonio is the #1 windshield replacement company serving across San Antonio, TX. Contact us now for a free quote!

Payment Disclosure

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