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Dispelling the Myths: 4 Myths You Need To Stop Believing About Windshields

Automotive glass has come a long way—from being the cause of casualties in the past to becoming an essential part of vehicular mobility today. The focus of car manufacturers has always been keeping passengers and drivers safe. From incorporating gorilla glass in windshields to adjusting the aerodynamic design, a lot has gone into ensuring that every drive is safe and hassle-free. However, there are some myths—put forward as undeniable facts—about windshields that we still hear at our auto repair shop. To take care of your windshield, you need to understand that the following myths about windshields do not hold true:

Oh No! My Windshield Is Chipped, I Need A Replacement!

Repeat after us: not every chip and crack in a windshield warrants a replacement! Your trusted mechanic or auto repair shop will determine whether your windshield needs a repair or a replacement after inspecting the size, location, and depth of the damage. In most cases, a crack in your windshield can be repaired. But if the crack extends to the edges of the windshield and cuts deep through the glass’s layers, you need a windshield replacement!

Yay, I Can Repair My Windshield At Home!

Yes, sure, if you have the expertise of an auto repair mechanic. However, most DIY windshield fixes are geared toward making the vehicle look presentable. These fast and easy repairs aren’t going to fix structural issues that may still persist after a huge impact.              

Windshield Repairs Will Hike Up Insurance Rates

Windshield damages and repairs are very common—more common than you’d think. Insurance companies won’t risk their brand image by going after windshield repairs or replacement claims. However, a high number of car accidents and shattered windshields show that you’re an at-risk driver. Being an at-risk driver is the only reason why your automotive insurance deductibles may increase.

Minor Chips On The Windshields Do Not Matter  

No! A crack or chip on your windshield will not stop growing until and unless you get it fixed. The reason behind cracks and chips spreading is the constant temperature changes that we expose the windshield to due to heaters and air conditioners. The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the car makes the auto glass contract and expand constantly—which provides enough room for even a minor chip to spread. Get your windshield fixed, repaired or replaced today! Auto Glass San Antonio offers a 24/7 windshield repair and replacement services. Get in touch with us to know more about our windshield services in San Antonio!

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