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Windshield Repair

That Crack on Your Windshield, It’s Spreading—But Why?!

The seemingly not-so-threatening crack on your windshield, a small chip, which hardly appeared noticeable a few days back, is turning into a giant mess.

Sometimes, it can also happen overnight.

What really made the crack on your windshield spread? Well, you have no idea.

Unfortunately, we can’t deduce that for certain. But what we can do is, definitely list all the possible reasons out there, and may be—just maybe—you could be able to relate with one and figure out what really happened that caused the crack on your windshield to spread.


Did you try fixing it with a DIY repair kit?


DIY repair kits provide a quick and cheap fix to windshield repairs. However, if applied incorrectly (as is often the case), they can damage a windshield even more.


It may be the moisture’s doing


Your windshield is basically like a glass sandwich. So when it develops a crack, moisture present in the environment can seep into it and weaken its structural integrity. At worst, at temperatures below freezing point, the entrapped moisture can expand and create new cracks within your windshield.  


Dirt at work


Just like moisture, dirt and dust particles can also make their way into a windshield through a crack, and cause the damage to spread.

One quick and temporary fix is to cover the crack with a piece of tape, however, that should not deter you from seeking the help of a professional to get the windshield permanently fixed.


Look up – Yes, it could be the sun as well


A damaged windshield exposed to sun can get damaged further. The heat transferred through sun rays will be absorbed by the windshield’s glass material, causing the cracks and chips to get bigger.

Park your car in shade until you get your windshield repaired.


The bumpy long drives


Lastly, driving a car with a cracked windshield through rough road patches and over speed bumps is likely to put stress on your damaged windshield and cause the crack on it to spread further. In rare cases where the bumps may be too unforgiving, a cracked windshield may also shatter.

Contact a windshield repair service in San Antonio, and depending on the extent of damage, they might be able to get your windshield fixed; else you’ll have to get it replaced.


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