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Auto Glass Repair

Types of Auto Glass—And Their Safety Benefits

Most of us don’t even think about auto glass until it needs to be replaced. And for good reason: glass is meant to be looked…
Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Repair or Replacement: How to Decide Which One Is Right For You

A windshield might not seem like it plays an essential role in your car’s safety—after all, how strong could glass be? Turns out: very strong.…
Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Repair

Why ADAS Calibration Is Important

If you’ve ever been in a car accident and your windshield took most of the energy from the impact, you might be familiar with windshield…
Auto Glass Repair

Three Tips for Removing Water Spots on Your Auto Glass

Are you tired of driving around with water spots on your windshield? Most vehicle owners face this problem quite often. A passing car, morning dew,…
Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair Certification: Why It’s Important

Just like any other component of your car, there are certain safety standards and practices associated with the installation and repair of auto glass. Many…
Auto Glass Repair

How Air Temperature Can Affect Your Windshield

  Sudden temperature shifts can wreak havoc on your car’s windshield. Glass molecules expand as the temperature increases and contract as the temperature dips. This…
Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Repair

Tips on How to Defrost Your Car Windows

  You know the feeling; you’re late to a meeting early in the morning but your car looks like an icicle in the driveway. The…
Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Replacement

The Dangers of Neglecting a Cracked Windshield – Auto Glass in San Antonio

Your cracked windshield is an eyesore, but you can’t be bothered to have it repaired or even replaced. It seems too much trouble for something…
Auto Glass Repair

Foggy Windows: How to Deal with Them

Summers in San Antonio are long and humid. And when the temperatures rise to an unbearable extent, residents can’t survive without turning on the air conditioners…
Auto Glass Repair

Understanding The Benefits of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

The glass parts in cars aren’t just there for aesthetics; they also provide support to the structure of the car and protect the driver and…

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