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5 Things to Look for in Top Quality Auto Glass

If you own a vehicle with a cracked, or broken windshield, sunroof, or side window, you already know that you need to replace it. But finding the right auto glass for your vehicle can be challenging if you have very little or no experience in buying auto glass. It’s important to understand that every auto glass isn’t fabricated using similar components and techniques. So, to make sure you’re making the right investment, it’s practical to have sufficient knowledge of what makes for top-quality auto glass. Ahead, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to make an informed decision when need be.

How’s Auto Glass Manufactured?

Auto glass is manufactured using a range of different components including silica dust, limestone, sodium carbonate (soda ash), dolomite, and recycled glass (cullet). Some manufacturers may also use some quantity of aluminium oxide (Al₂O₃) and kalium oxide (K₂O).  All these chemicals and ionic compounds are mixed with water and fused together by melting under extremely high heat to produce glass.

How Windshield Is Different From Other Auto Glass?

                                                                                      A windshield is made using two layers of glass that are affixed together with a lamination layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Laminated glass provides protection to the passengers and maintains the structural integrity of the car during a head-on collision or a roll-over accident. The interlayer or lamination holds together the two layers of glass even when they’re cracked or shattered and keeps the glass from breaking into sharp pieces. Laminated glass is manufactured under extremely high temperatures and pressure to maximize the safety. Other types of auto glass are made of tempered glass, which is manufactured using control temperatures and different chemicals to enhance the safety. Though these glasses are not laminated, they can break easily during an accident, as compared to the windshield. However, the process of tampering increases compression on the exterior side of glass surface and tension on the interior side. These pressures cause the glass to break into tiny granular pieces, to minimize the risk of injuries.

Is It an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Auto Glass?

OEM auto glass is one that’s produced by the manufacturer of your original auto glass. For example, if you won a Chevrolet by General Motors, you should go for an auto-glass manufactured by GMC.

A High Price Doesn’t Mean High Quality

The pricing of different types of auto glass and windshield is based on the current pricing rates in the market. Pick an auto glass replacement company that has high ratings and positive reviews from customers; don’t just go for a high-ticket product.

Are All Manufacturers Auto Glass Required to Follow Similar Safety Standards

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has established some Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that are to be followed by all auto glass manufacturers, but those regulations are pretty broad. Those manufacturers who meet all the requirements are given the highest ratings. Other manufacturers, who fulfil some of the criteria, aren’t rated as high, but they still pass the safety tests. This is why it’s important to ask for the proof of ratings when choosing an auto glass. For a top-quality auto glass replacement, get in touch with SA Auto Glass. Our technicians are experienced, licensed, and certified in replacing and repairing all types of auto glass. We also provide windshield repair services in San Antonio. Our 24 hour glass replacement services are affordably priced to facilitate our customers. Call us at (210)793-7115  to book a service today!  

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