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5 Kinds of Windshield Rock Chips

No, not all rock chip damage is the same. But yes, all rock chip damage is an annoyance. We can all collectively agree that we would rather avoid rock chips when driving. The good news however, is that they are easily repairable, given you act fast and have certified professionals take a look at it. Neglecting any kind of windshield damage can be very dangerous. So, here’s what the different kinds of rock chips are like.

Star Chip

This kind of rock chip looks like a star, making them easily identifiable. Go figure. They have smaller cracks that stem out from the center. Because of this, a star chip can easily lead to more significant cracking if not addressed quickly by a windshield repair professional. However, a star chip is only repairable if the protruding cracks are not too long. Generally, if the cracks stem out for more than 3 inches, they aren’t repairable and you will need a windshield replacement.

Batwing Chip

A batwing chip has two cracks shaped like a ‘V’ that stem out from the main chip. This makes it look like a bat spreading its wings. Now, because the two-crack stem outward like a star chip, batwing chips must be repaired immediately. Doing so will ensure the bat doesn’t spread its wings any further.

Bullseye Chip

A bullseye chip is the most common rock chip one encounters. It looks like a dark circle with small rings around it. It may also look like a spider web. Bullseye chips tend to be one of the easier rock chips to repair. However, it’s best not to neglect one for too long so as to avoid any further damage.

Half Moon or Partial Bullseye Chip

A partial bullseye chip is similar to a bullseye chip—it only has half a circle in the center. This make it look like a half moon. These chips look that way because the rock or debris hit the windshield at a strange angle. This tends to make them hard to repair.

Combination Chip

Sometimes a rock chip may exhibit the characteristics of two or more of the chips listed above. This makes it a combination chip. Combination chips tend to be one of the hardest to fix. It really depends on how extensive the damage to the windshield is. It’s imperative to address the damage right away so as to eliminate safety risks. Make sure to contact a professional windshield repair service to address the issue. Do you need to have that rock chip looked at by a trained professional? Don’t waste any more time and get in touch with Auto Glass in San Antonio. We offer 24-hour mobile windshield repair and replacement services to our customers in San Antonio, TX. Call (210)793-7115.

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