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5 Cleaning Hacks to Keeping Your Windshields Crystal Clear!

Having a clean windshield does much more than just provide the appearance of a well-kept car. It promotes safer driving by improving visibility and decreasing driver fatigue that comes from squinting and concentrating through the dirt streaks. A car windshield can get dirty easily and quickly with bird droppings, dirt, and blowing sand. It’s usually not economically feasible to visit the carwash every week just to get your windshield cleaned. In most cases, you wind up having to clean them yourself. Cleaning a windshield is not easy and often results in a streaky, messy finish that’s distracting while driving. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your windshield crystal clear:
  • Wash Away the Dirt:
Before you start cleaning your car you should wash away as much of the dirt and grime as possible. This will make the job of cleaning the windows easier and less messy.
  • Use A Microfiber Cloth:
Microfiber is more expensive than regular cotton cleaning clothes, but it’s also ideal for cleaning glass windows. The material is soft and has excellent scrubbing properties to remove any kind of dirt and stains. It also absorbs the class cleaning liquid, which reduces the likelihood of any leftover streaks.
  • Spray Cleaner on Fabric:
Most people clean the windshields by spraying them directly with the cleaning liquid. This is not ideal as the spray causes the liquid to go in every direction making it harder to clean up. It can also go into the interior and the lining of the windows, which just ends up creating more work for you. Spraying directly on the fabric allows you to attack the areas with the toughest dust marks directly without spreading it everywhere.  
  • Wipe in Every Direction:
To get the maximum results, you need to clean the glass in every direction. Wipe in a vertical pattern and then from side-to-side to prevent any streaks and get a cleaner windshield. Make sure you work fast so that the cleaner doesn’t dry before you have a chance to wipe it off or else it will leave marks on the glass.
  • Try Coffee Filters and Squeegees:
People like using newspapers as they get rid of steaks effectively but some newspapers and leave ink stains that are even harder to clean up. Try using coffee filters instead to get effective cleaning without any leftover streaks or ink marks. Squeegees are also effective at collecting dirt and dust and if used properly, they are great for cleaning glass.    

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