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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Windshields

Your windshield is one of the most important components of your vehicle, one that upholds its structural integrity and contributes to its aesthetic appeal. New advancements and technology have enabled us to improve the quality of windshields we have today, and they are customized according to the needs of every vehicle accordingly.   Over the years, windshields have greatly increased the safety of our vehicles. They are seen as a valuable and necessary component today, and not just an additional car part. The curved windshield was invented in the year 1934, and since then, they have only evolved and are widely sold by almost every manufacturer today.   Below we will discuss some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about windshields:

1. Tinted windshields are safer

Window tinting can actually increase the safety your windshield provides. This is because it can reduce the damage caused to your windshield glass from strong UV rays. Moreover, it can also offer protection from small rocks and other road debris that might hit the windshield when you drive. The interior of your car can get damaged by strong sunlight, and your tinted windshield will prevent this from happening too!  

2. They were an extra feature

When cars first came out, windshields were seen as a luxury item, much like today’s advanced audio systems or other modern car accessories. Those who couldn’t afford to put in the extra money to buy windshields had to wear goggles or scarves for protection!  

3. The origination of shatter-resistant windshields

When windshields first came into being, they were made from normal pane glass. The shatter-resistant windshield glass was discovered by a French chemist, Edouard Benedictus. During one of his experiments, he mistakenly dropped a glass flask full of collodion. Though the glass cracked, it didn’t change in shape. This is what brought about his legendary discovery, which was then employed in windshields and other automobile glass in 1920.  

4. Windshield wipers were invented by a woman

Mary Anderson, on her visit to New York City in the year 1903, was inspired to invent the windshield wiper after observing a trolley car driver struggling to see clearly due to the snow falling on his windows. She was granted a 17-year patent for her windshield wipers in the same year. And just a decade down the line, thousands of Americans owned cars with these wipers that are widely used today!   If you’re looking for a reliable mobile windshield replacement service, head over to Auto Glass in San Antonio. We are the leading windshield repair and replacement service in the area, and our experienced professionals will seamlessly fix all your windshield cracks and damages! Call at 210-793-7115!

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